About Us

The outdoors lifestyle means so much more to me then most. It means a second chance at life because of a struggle with addiction. December 11, 2011 was the last time that I put any drugs or alcohol into my body. When I got sober at 23 I was more lost in life then I had ever been. The outdoors was the first thing that gave me a purpose. I grew up in the outdoors but after getting sober I fell in love with it all over again. To this day the outdoors mean everything to me and is a big part of the start of Outdoor Savage.

I started Outdoor Savage to be apart and give back to something that helped save my life. We hope that someone can be inspired or feel a purpose from going into the woods or on the water. We want to not only give back to this hunting and fishing but also those that are or have struggled with addiction. This means more then just making apparel and building a brand. Its about saving lives and continuing to teach the next generation about the great outdoors.

 My name is Drew Fuglsang; I am a recovered drug addict, Owner of Outdoor Savage, and savage about the outdoors.

Drew Fuglsang